Guillermo del Toro next project “The Shape of Water” promises


Every time I hear news about Guillermo’s upcoming projects, I get excited like a kid of XMAS. After all, most of the time he delivers. Probably the only one I was a little disappointed was Crimson Peak.

But with The Shape of Water it seems he returns to his Pan’s Labyrinth days. The story takes place in 1963, the era of the Cold War, during the Vietnam conflict and the civil rights movement. Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) will star as Elisa, a janitor working at a laboratory where an “amphibious man” has been captured and is, presumably, being experimented. Elisa falls for the creature and eventually calls on her neighbour (who may be played by Six Feet Under’s Richard Jenkins) it is strange Doug Jones is not playing the part.

We will share more news as we find out.




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